Sunday, 4 January 2009

Web 2.0 from Slideshare

The SlideShare Presentation gives a clear overview of Web 2.0. There are many other presentations on this topic on Slideshare so this may not be the best but it very accessible. I found myself on Slideshare when I googled 'education and social media sites'. I wanted to embed the presentation in my post but it ended up in the wrong blog. I have posted my problem and await a response. In the meantime I have worked around the problem and you can find the presentation in the sidebar. Look for more posts on my experience of using Slideshare as part of my research in elearning and gathering materials if I decide to continue with this account.Slideshare allows users to upload presentations and share or not with the Slideshare community. It also enables sharing of presentations with your contacts who are not on Slideshare using email.

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