Sunday, 4 July 2010

Prezi! Zoom Over Slides.

This discovery came via an email from a colleague. He described the content of the link as a possible alternative to PowerPoint. What I discovered was a tool that allows the user to zoom in and out to engage and explain the subject being presented in a very flexible way. I noticed that it also allows embedding to websites and can be downloaded and stored.

Anyone who uses Moodle may know that to include a PowerPoint slideshow in your teaching and learning resources is not a simple task. In the past I've attempted to upload a .pps file  but this does not ensure it runs as a slideshow. You are taken to the edit window which is particularly annoying. Anything that is said to be an alternative to PowerPoint is something worth exploring especially if it would run better on the VLE or intranet.

Prezi was developed by Adam Somlai-Fischer and Peter Halacsy who felt that slides were limiting and wanted to be able to present and develop ideas in another way. I recommend you visit the the site and have a look at some 'prezis' available for public viewing. All prezis made by anyone signing up to the free option are made public.

Have a look at this video 'What is Prezi? - The official intro video' to get a better idea of how Prezi is so different from PowerPoint.

Before you go off to the Prezi site how about having a look at my first attempt at creating a prezi. Concentrating on inserting text, frames and paths, there are no pretty images. For someone who finds PowerPoint a doddle to use, learning to use prezi took some patience and perserverance. The Prezi Academy offers lessons for all stages from beginner to advanced.

Here is my first prezi made for the purpose of an online introduction to the learning centre and used on our college intranet and/or VLE. I decided to keep it very simple so there are no images or changes in font colours. Creating the paths and views was the trickiest part of the creating process. A number of attempts were needed to create a show with smooth movement from each point so you may feel it's a little overdone. I apologise if you experience any motion sickness.