Saturday, 14 March 2009

Discovery Channel : The Human Body Explorer

The Discovery Channel website has a set of links called Features. This post is about one of the links in Features called Inside the Human Body

The main page offers a choice of four areas to explore.


The double screen offers a video on the right pertaining to the subject of sight. The left screen asks you to configure the human eye using the pieces provided. Simply drag and drop. Each element of the eye is annotated. A fun task that is also a learning tool.


Again a double screen with a relevant video on the right and an animation on the left. The animation illustrates the pressure in lbs that is exerted on the knee joint when doing one of three activities. It also allows you to type in any weight and see the immediate effect!


Once again a double screen. The left screen takes you through the processes of the human nervous system. The illustration is brilliant. See for yourself

Brain Power

This is a memory game where you have to match up the cards. Easy to understand. The images on the cards are all pertaining to the human body and not just the brain.

This was an interesting find. I think it could be useful not just in the classroom and not just for children either. The animations alone make this a site worth sharing. I hope you enjoy the discovery.